HVAC Service Pros’ Commitment to Giving Back to the Communities We Serve!!

HVAC Service Pros’ Commitment to Giving Back to the Communities We Serve!!


Here at HVAC Service Pros, we wholeheartedly believe that it is our duty to give back to the communities we serve. We have dedicated ourselves to the process of helping to overcome what we feel is the largest crisis our great nation faces today; addiction/mental health and homelessness!

The two topics are rarely discussed in unison; however, the two problems are very much related and go hand in hand with one another.

Through the help of the Tacoma Homeless Coalition, HVAC Service Pros has partnered with the Non-Profit Company known as “Valeo” (www.valeovocation.org). Valeo helps those who are in the transitional phase of their post-treatment journey by providing case management and employment opportunities within the community through their staffing company.

HVAC Service Pros has committed to Valeo that we will utilize their clients under the strict understanding that their clients will maintain their sobriety as well as stay on track following the guidelines of their individual case management plans, with the mutual goal of eventually making them into full-time employees of our firm.

We believe in second chances, and we believe in making opportunities available for those who are putting forth the effort to overcome their obstacles. It is our belief that it is this type of thinking and change that needs to occur on a societal level in order for our country to pull itself out of these crises, and to overcome our workforce shortages. This isn’t a problem that our government will be able to simply spend their way out of. Without meaningful employment that provides a good living wage, these folks are at very high risk for relapse and going right back to the streets, where they again become a societal burden.

We feel that our industry provides a multitude of opportunities with so many different paths a person can pursue and that it provides a great level of satisfaction and a strong sense of achievement. In other words, it is an opportunity to build a career.

We hold true to the belief that all Men and Women are created equal, and all are deserving of dignity.

We are proud to be partnered with Valeo and are excited to see the personal growth of those in their client base.

We also offer discounted rates to first responders, educators, nurses, and to those who are in or served in the armed forces. Our hats go off to you all!!