The importance of Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

The importance of Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

The importance of Tankless Water Heater MaintenanceRecently we have responded to a rash of tankless water heaters here in Puyallup WA, whereby other contractors have come ahead of us, telling the customer that they simply needed a new tankless water heater, when in fact this is not the case.

Tankless water heaters need what is called DE-scaling performed periodically. Typically, anywhere from every 1-3years. This needs to be done depending on the hardness and mineral content in your water source. The descaling is performed using industrial strength vinegar and a special pump that circulates the vinegar through the water heater and should be performed by a qualified individual. Having these services performed at regular intervals will ensure that your tankless water heater continues to run without any nuisance issues like reduced efficiency, inconsistent water temperature, or potential damage to internal components. and will help prolong the lifespan of the water heater. They also occasionally require debris to cleaned from the internal inducer fan assembly.

Investing in regular maintenance can lead to long-term cost savings by avoiding the need for premature replacements and addressing problems before they escalate…

If you have a tankless water heater and you have not had these services performed, please contact us and we will schedule an appointment.

Location: Puyallup, WA

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